User "Create Account" Hide/Show Drop-downs based on User Selection

AksarBhai jeetehaiichal at
Wed Sep 18 17:41:22 UTC 2019

Hi All,

Amateur coder here. In the create account page I want the 
customers and dealers to sign up through the same portal. Here I 
have incorporated a number of drop down menus, however I wish the 
dropdown menu's to only appear/hide if certain options are 
selected by the user.

Once the User has inputted their first & last names, email and 
password, they must then choose from the dropdowns. The first 
drop down must always be shown. Here the User must choose whether 
they are a (1) customer or a (2) dealer.

If they choose (1) customer, a second dropdown menu appears 
asking them if they are a yacht owner.

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