[SAOC] CI Project

Mike Franklin slavo5150 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 00:57:12 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 24 September 2019 at 21:14:51 UTC, Max Haughton wrote:

> any suggestions would be appreciated (Examples being the 
> @safety of functions)

Some ideas off the top of my head:
* structs vs. classes
* throwing exceptions vs. returning error codes
* Error vs. assert
* `ref` vs. raw pointers
* comparing how much `@safe`, `@trusted`, and `@system` code 
there is.  Ideally, we should see `@safe` code increasing over 
time and `@trusted` and `@system` code decreasing over time.
* usage of templates
* usage of UFCS
* usage of CTFE (may be quite difficult to measure)
* usage of `pure`
* usage of `const`
* usage of `@nogc`
* usage of `in`
* usage of `@property`
* usage of DIP1000 features (e.g. `scope` and `return` attributes)
* usage of design-by-introspection (e.g. `__traits`, `static if`)
* usage of UDAs
* usage of `static foreach`
* usage of any D construct or idiom really
* % of code properly documented with DDoc

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