Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

GreatSam4sure greatsam4sure at
Fri Sep 27 15:11:26 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 26 September 2019 at 13:26:13 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
> On Thursday, 26 September 2019 at 06:14:24 UTC, Paulo Pinto 
> wrote:
>> The language should be stabilized, GC improved (I know it has 
>> gotten much better), replace deprecated Phobos packages (XML, 
>> JSON, stream), focus on vi/Emacs/VSCode and maybe people will 
>> come and stay around.
> There's a chicken-and-egg problem, though. D doesn't have the 
> type of community that languages like Rust, Go, or Python has. 
> I remember in the 90s when Python was insignificant to the 
> programming world, they had their community of true believers 
> promoting the language and making it more usable. In 2005, when 
> I made my move to R for my computing, I looked at Python and it 
> had little to offer. They had a community that made a lot of 
> stuff happen in a hurry, and they promoted the language well. 
> It's not even a particularly good choice for scientific 
> computing, yet it is now a giant in that area.
> D has its mailing list and a few people doing their own 
> projects (I'm in that group) but not a lot of blog posts or 
> podcasts or tutorials, and can't even put together 
> documentation for Dub. You read the mailing list and about two 
> out of every three posts is negative. Until some people step up 
> to be leaders of the community, nothing else will matter as far 
> as D adoption goes. For all the years I've been involved, it's 
> always been people looking to Walter and Andrei to make things 
> happen, and I haven't seen anything like that with any other 
> language.

This is a newbie point of view.

The biggest problem to D adoption is this community IMHO. Almost 
everything here is negative. The community is 95% negative to the 
language. There are people here that never see anything good 
about D yet they are here. The community is damaging to D image.

It is a community that is out to destroy the language. All the 
hope of me using D has been almost destroyed.

Yet D prefers to kotlin, java, C#, etc. For me.

The leadership and most people in the community seem to be the 
opposite poles yet we want D to have great adoption.

Just open your google and search for D you will read so many 
negative things about the language. Come to the community, the 
story is the same.

This is the most negative community to its own language I have 
ever known of. The story has to change. This community greatly 
discourage me. It is my biggest problem using D.

I have personally come to believe that many people in this 
community is sponsor against the language.

Pls if you know you are no longer interest in D it will be better 
not to discourage others.

Also, the leadership should handle the difference between them 
any community member to prevent them from pouring their 
frustration here.

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