Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at
Mon Sep 30 16:54:00 UTC 2019

On Monday, 30 September 2019 at 16:39:22 UTC, Eugene Wissner 
> Last time Haskell was a research language was 10 or 15 years 
> ago. There are now better research functional programming 
> languages than Haskell, like Idris or Agda. Haskell is used by 
> industry much more than D, by big corporations as well as 
> start-ups.

Alright then, in my mind languages like Haskell and ML will 
always primarily be academic PL references, although they also 
have commercial applications. Anyway, both Haskell and ML are 
successful considering the use context they evolved in.

> As result Haskell has great GC and a compiler which is good at 
> optimizing, it doesn‘t have the greatest infrastructure, but at 
> least a set of libraries, you can build almost everything on.

Right, I am not a Haskell programmer, but I think the naming of 
some functions are odd, although I understand that there are 
historic FP traditions that has led to it.  It does bring with it 
FP-cultural baggage... It could do better from a usability point 
of view.

> Even the last DIP says: It is the first step, more is coming 
> later. And I‘m 90% sure, it will be never finished. Not because 
> it is D, but because this „I finish it later“ just never works 
> in engeneering. And this kind of things just doesn‘t happen 
> anymore to Haskell (or at least not to the same extent).

It is not a good idea in software in general, considering that 
common wisdom says that initial development is only 10% of the 
overall life-time-costs. If you keep pushing forward without 
completing existing features I think the ratio will be a lot 

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