Tracy Profiler Integration

Alexandru Ermicioi alexandru.ermicioi at
Wed Aug 12 14:51:08 UTC 2020

On Monday, 3 August 2020 at 20:36:51 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I am currently integrating the tracy profiler 
> (
> with dmd.
> Such that instead of the profiler in druntime, tracy can be 
> used for instrumented profiling.
> The current progress is here: 
>  there are still some teething problems, but I am confident 
> that it will be useful soon.
> Cheers,
> Stefan


Looked at source code, and wondered, is it possible to have an 
abstraction layer between tracy and injected code?

That way we could eliminate tracy depenedency from dmd, and move 
it into a library solution, which would then allow us to replace 
tracy woth other tools if needed. It also would allow 
preprocessing if needed before event would be sent to tracy 

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