vibe.d and my first web service

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Wed Aug 12 23:07:16 UTC 2020

On 8/12/20 5:11 PM, Daniel Kozak wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 3:51 PM James Blachly via Digitalmars-d-learn 
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> <mailto:digitalmars-d-learn at>> wrote:
>     Unfortunately the problem still occurs with Vibe.d 0.9.0
>     IMO **this is the single most important problem to fix** for vibe.d --
>     if the most basic of examples (indeed, supplied by dub itself) fails so
>     spectacularly, the casual new user will not spend the time to find out
>     why this is happening, but instead move on. The ctrl-C non-termination
>     bug has existed since at least 2015 from what I can tell from the
>     forums.
>     Tangent:
>     Does Sönke have a Patreon or the project an OpenCollective etc. ? I
>     would be willing to support fixing of some of these bugs.
>     Alternatively, could we vote on whether a web framework is worthy of
>     foundation support? Having an ergonomic, workable web framework is
>     absolutely essential to surviving as a language in 2020 (notable
>     exception being 800# gorilla incumbents C/C++).
> Unfortunately, I think vibe-d is dead. With every release it is worse 
> than before and it seems there is almost no activity. So D really need 
> new champion here maybe hunt will be next champion.

Breaking out into new thread outside `learn` newsgroup.

I worry you are right, although some of the ideas from vibe-d are 
outstanding (compile time introspection -> routing table in particular), 
not present in many other web frameworks, and deserve another chance.

Looked briefly at hunt but of course docs are lacking, and the killer 
performance on the techempower plaintext and JSON benchmarks may simply 
be related to gaming the system [0] just as many other frameworks do for 
that metric.

I will reiterate that D really needs a low-friction, high-performance 
web framework to be considered seriously in many market segments. I wish 
I could help, but do not have the requisite expertise, which may be in 
short supply.



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