Does the developers want the people to give suggestions?

Flade consolemaster0 at
Tue Aug 18 07:21:11 UTC 2020

On Monday, 17 August 2020 at 21:50:18 UTC, oddp wrote:
> Hi there! Sorry, have to keep it short.
>> First and most importantly I would say to automatically break 
>> in each case
> Nothing new, folks already discussed this suggestion over ten 
> years ago, when D2, the current language version, was still 
> fresh. You can check it out here: 
> In short: "either behave like C, or raise a compile-time error".
>> Or even better
>> case 1 .. 6:
> This is covered in the FAQ: 

Forget my previous comment! I understand anything now. Thanks a 
lot for your time!

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