help needed to bring Windows SecureChannel to dlang-requests

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Mon Aug 24 11:52:13 UTC 2020

On Monday, 24 August 2020 at 10:11:25 UTC, ikod wrote:

> I think this is possible (thanks for reminding!), I have no 
> problems with access and programming under OSX.

Cool. I think we have discussed this before, but unfortunately 
the Secure Transport library (which is the closest corresponding 
thing to OpenSSL) has been deprecated. The recommended 
alternative is the new Network framework. But that is only 
supported on macOS 10.15 and later (which is too recent). I think 
the best bet is the CFNetwork framework. It's higher level than 
Secure Transport or Network, it will handle both the encryption 
and the transport. It's supported since macOS 10.8 (really old) 
and iOS 2.0 (really old) and will take care of any underlying 
differences in the platform. I'm guessing this will require quite 
a lot of work to implement since you'll not work directly with 
sockets. Not sure if it's flexible enough to handle everything 
that your library can do.

> re your next message about linking with distributed library - I 
> really dont want to distribute anything in binary form 
> (especially security libs). I included these files as last 
> resort for user.

Fair enough.

/Jacob Carlborg

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