Vote: deprecate std.xml?

Eliatto arietto86 at
Thu Jan 23 07:04:13 UTC 2020

On Friday, 17 January 2020 at 21:59:07 UTC, Jonathan M Davis 
> I'd much rather avoid all of that pain - especially since I 
> don't think that an XML parser belongs in a standard library in 
> the first place. If someone wants to use dxml, it's easily 
> fetched using dub, and if someone doesn't want to use dub, it's 
> trivial enough to download the code and integrate it into their 
> project however they feel like it.
> - Jonathan M Davis

Does it make sense to create a sort of C++ Boost analog - a 
subset of dub packages which are needed by many people and 
maintained by community with less bureaucracy in comparison to 
Phobos? So, "BoostD" will use Phobos, but the former will be less 
stable. It will be updated frequently.

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