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> On Sunday, 11 October 2020 at 11:24:42 UTC, Imperatorn wrote:
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> > D is not present anywhere in languages to learn... Why?
> > (I get that it can be a chicken and egg problem)
> >
> > When looking for languages to learn, you have to start
> > "somewhere".
> >
> > How do we make D part of this "somewhere"?
> >
> > Thanks
> I want to add my 2 cent as newbie:
> - For plain applications, D looks quite similiar to C++, C# but
> is less popular. It this a benefit?
> - It's likely that users need a library. This library may exists
> as D code but even the search for that library is not intuitive.
> You have to try multiple terms or browse manually for the
> library, this is bad. Also the library seems to be outdated while
> the C library developers just did a new release and you could
> assume the D-lib is just dead. This makes D look more like an
> experiment than a living standard.
> - The offical library reference is visually "unfriendly". For
> example, devdocs.io do a better job. On the D-site, it looks not
> well formatted. I am loosing focus while reading on some
> locations. The search engine is unsatisfying. Even that I can't
> format code in forums bothers me, because that are standard
> features and they just not there. This appears as "unfinished",
> we are not in year 1998.
> - D also needs a new modern, _just working_ IDE with syntax
> highlighting, formatting, autocomplete hints, quick
> documentation. I've tried the Dlang IDE, VisualD, WebFreak-D or
> other Plugins for Visual Studio and IDEA. Plugins either do not
> work well, get broken with never versions (eg. MonoDevelop) but
> also true for VS Code. You see quickly that event VisualD is just
> a plugin which is buggy, crashes and does not really integrate
> well (sepearate build options, passing arguments ignored, etc).

It sounds like you have used VisualD incorrectly.
It sounds to me like you did not use the D/VC++ project template, which is
msbuild native, and works extremely well. Maybe you used the old project
format from 5 years ago... I think that's still in there, but you shouldn't
use it today.
Look for the D/VC++ project wizard, and try your evaluation again.

Also realtime debugging is a pain, eg with VisualD: If you are
> lucky it will display the stack correctly - but it has problems
> with template functions and it show your structs in initial state
> rather actual value. I could not run the debugger in VS Code, it
> runs/breaks but shows nothing and it's not my job to report bugs
> to plugin-devs that just don't have the time to fix them. I could
> also only run partial debugging on IntelliJ IDEA since variables
> are not updated on change - there is always such an issue and the
> list goes on...
> Of course this is offtopic by the language itself but it has a
> heavy influence if I would try a new language which tools are
> only working on the command line out of the box. You may get the
> point, if you want to attract new users, you need a supported,
> working welcome packet just as an IDE with friendly features so
> the users can just start making experiences.
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