Could D be used by Jonathan Blow rather jai language?

J. V. jv at
Fri Nov 20 01:28:46 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 18 November 2020 at 16:13:20 UTC, Jack wrote:
> So I find out jonathan Blow is devloping his own programming 
> language, because "C++ is wild mess". I know pretty much 
> nothing about game dev and I was wondering if D could be used 
> in the way Jonathan Blow would like to? Anyone experienced on 
> game dev stuff could answer this? as far I know, the jai's 
> compiler is not ready yet.Maybe let him know about D language, 
> assuming it fits its game needs, would be interesting?

GC is a big NO for Jonathan. What people must try to understand 
is that Jonathan is not creating Jai to be a general purpose 
language, he has a specific goal and a specific design in mind.

Game development is very different from any other field, but of 
course, if you are creating a small/simple game the GC will not 
be such a big problem, but if you are doing anything complex, the 
GC is a huge problem, and people cleary do NOT understand that.

In my case for example, the reason my game engine is written is 
C++ is because i HAVE NO CHOICE, i fucking hate C++, but i have 
no choice. The first version of my engine was pure C# (using only 
c++ binding for some libraries) and i had a lot of problems with 
the GC and memory usage, the FPS was not acceptable, i had to 
spend months rewritting but now i at least do not have this 
problem anymore.

Another example is the Stride game engine (previously Xenko), 
which is also terribly slow if compared with Cryengine, for 
example. And Stride's codebase is not bad at all, it was really 
well written by very experienced engineers.

Jonathan is creating Jai SPECIFICALLY for game development, as he 
said a lot of times before, Jai is meant to be used in financial, 
trading or whatever systems. It is for game development.

Yes, it gives you a lot of power. Yes, is dangerous. Yes, 
debugging is not the best. Yes, it is NOT for begginners. It is 
NOT for everyone and it will never be a mainstream language, and 
that is fine.

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