D community roadmap

Imperatorn johan_forsberg_86 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 24 19:12:05 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 24 November 2020 at 03:22:19 UTC, JohnT wrote:
> First of all congrats to all D community for all their hard 
> work. D is one of the languages which I fell in love at first 
> sight. There are lot of posts in this forum about similar 
> sentiment.  We have really great engineers working on amazing 
> features. What we really need is good marketing, some polishing 
> and a direction. D really can be better than most other 
> languages.Its a chicken and egg problem. But we need more 
> marketing/benchmarks blogs etc where we compete with other 
> languages on features. We should do dedicated effort to cleanup 
> and make language simpler.
> [...]

Well put. Have similar thoughts myself. I suspect the answer to 
why things aren't happening (well, things *do* happen, just 
scattered) is really simple, resources and limited time. But the 
polling thing is interesting. A lil' wisdom of the croud can give 
some information on what matters most.

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