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zoujiaqing zoujiaqing at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 05:40:49 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 24 November 2020 at 03:22:19 UTC, JohnT wrote:
> First of all congrats to all D community for all their hard 
> work. D is one of the languages which I fell in love at first 
> sight. There are lot of posts in this forum about similar 
> sentiment.  We have really great engineers working on amazing 
> features. What we really need is good marketing, some polishing 
> and a direction. D really can be better than most other 
> languages.Its a chicken and egg problem. But we need more 
> marketing/benchmarks blogs etc where we compete with other 
> languages on features. We should do dedicated effort to cleanup 
> and make language simpler.
> a. We should do a survey similar to Go/Rust. And we should hear 
> the community of the top features we need. Even if original 
> designers disagree.
> b. Focus should be selling our strengths like strong interop 
> with C/C++. Neither Go/Rust has this. D has lot more chance to 
> shine in this. Companies wont replace billions of C/C++ code. 
> What we need is incremental where they can replace and D can 
> work with C++. We need more effort to make easy transitions.
> c. Focus on tooling/stability.
> d. Benchmarking of most frequently used libraries like 
> json/vibe/networking etc against other languages and publish 
> this.
> e. Marketing D as both systems/scripting language with GC and 
> non GC with lot of articles and samples with benchmarking.
> f. Interop with C/C++, faster builds, easy compared to rust are 
> some strengths we should market.
> e. We need small working groups for networking/standard 
> library/ server/ embedded/security/tooling etc who focus on the 
> issues in those domain.
> g. Mentorship for folks who wish to contribute.
> I know the answer is why dont you do it. Yes I would love to 
> help. If people define a ROADMAP where each release has issues 
> and features in the order of priority and its maintained 
> somewhere, people like us will do their small part whenever we 
> find free time. Its time for C/C++ to go. So far I see D as 
> only better option. Wish from a D fan.

First of all, what you say is important. Thank you for your 

A big problem is D the language community doesn't analyze why 
other languages are popular. How many people don't use D language.

I focus on D language-based server-side technical solutions. A 
lot of web frameworks like laravel、springboot、rails are missing 
in the process. Also lack of grpc、http2、amqp and other related 
components. But we have worked hard to achieve some, including 
HuntFramework、grpc for D、ORM、AMQP library、http2 protocol 
libraries. When we encounter more difficult problems, officials 
may not pay attention to them. For example, we want to have await 
functions to solve concurrent problems. We also want to have 
pprof tools to analyze the performance problems of http requests 
in different situations in the real environment of the server.

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