About whether D / rust / golang can be popular.

zoujiaqing zoujiaqing at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 05:46:59 UTC 2020

Whether a programming language can be popular depends on what?

I think there are two important points, that is, killing skills 
and availability. At the same time pay attention to shortcomings.

I'll talk about my opinion today.

## Go
Must kill skill: Goroutine
Availability: the standard library is powerful. IDE powerful. 
High GC efficiency. friendly debugging tracking tool. It is 
convenient to realize various functions based on standard 
library. Have practical pprof and other tools. But language 
features are too few.

## Rust
Must kill skill: Memory Security
Availability: The standard library is very general. IDE powerful. 
friendly debugging tracking tool. A variety of language features, 
and will be based on popularity of new features, such as await. 
Have practical pprof and other tools. Development efficiency of 
using rust is relatively low.

## D
Must kill skill: It looks good?
Availability: standard library is poor. Bad IDE. GC efficiency is 
low. Lack of friendly debugging tracking tools. Lack of pprof and 
other practical tools. Although the language features many but 
can not add popular practical features, such as await.

## Summary
D language must improve usability if it is to become popular!

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