GDC CI on MacOS, FreeBSD, Windows

Iain Buclaw ibuclaw at
Sun Sep 20 14:32:58 UTC 2020

On Saturday, 19 September 2020 at 06:22:44 UTC, Jacob Carlborg 
> On 2020-09-19 02:38, Iain Buclaw wrote:
>> Yeah, I know people who still maintain this hardware (I've 
>> even donated a PPC Mac Xserve G5 to them!)
> There was someone posting on the Clang mailing list this year 
> or last year about about some issue with PowerPC. Apparently he 
> was a MacPorts maintainer and they have enough users for it to 
> make sense to still support MacPorts on PowerPC.
>> Newer versions of OSX just add on top of former, so there's 
>> nothing wrong about restricting yourself to a common subset of 
>> the available API to bind druntime to.
> Well, if I recall correctly, 10.4 is a bit too limiting. The 
> Posix support was really bad. Fortunately, 10.5 was the last 
> version to support running of PowerPC. That version also comes 
> with quite a nice set of features. Certified to be UNIX 
> compliant (but that's only when running Intel), support for 
> 64-bit versions of many of the system libraries. Objective-C 
> 2.0.
> 10.6 was the last version to support Rosetta (running PowerPC 
> binaries emulated on Intel).
> So I would say, 10.5 if you want to run PowerPC natively.

The default minimum supported version in GCC is the last release 
that supported PPC, i386 and x86_64.  So it could be that you're 
misremembering 10.4; I think the Mac-mini I have is 10.6, though 
not too sure about that.  The only certain thing I know is that 
it's too old to be upgraded to a newer version. :-)

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