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Jacob Carlborg doob at
Sat Sep 19 06:22:44 UTC 2020

On 2020-09-19 02:38, Iain Buclaw wrote:

> Yeah, I know people who still maintain this hardware (I've even donated 
> a PPC Mac Xserve G5 to them!)

There was someone posting on the Clang mailing list this year or last 
year about about some issue with PowerPC. Apparently he was a MacPorts 
maintainer and they have enough users for it to make sense to still 
support MacPorts on PowerPC.

> Newer versions of OSX just add on top of former, so there's nothing 
> wrong about restricting yourself to a common subset of the available API 
> to bind druntime to.

Well, if I recall correctly, 10.4 is a bit too limiting. The Posix 
support was really bad. Fortunately, 10.5 was the last version to 
support running of PowerPC. That version also comes with quite a nice 
set of features. Certified to be UNIX compliant (but that's only when 
running Intel), support for 64-bit versions of many of the system 
libraries. Objective-C 2.0.

10.6 was the last version to support Rosetta (running PowerPC binaries 
emulated on Intel).

So I would say, 10.5 if you want to run PowerPC natively.

The nice thing with macOS is that you can compile on newer versions of 
the OS and compile it to be backwards compatible using the 
`MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET` environment variable. Just specify the 
version of the OS you want to target as the value:


/Jacob Carlborg

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