New to D. First impression not good.

rikki cattermole rikki at
Thu Dec 23 18:17:18 UTC 2021

Your use case is highly specific, and incredibly rare (for us anyway).

So dmd did use to be make based for building, this isn't the best 
solution especially when we now need to bootstrap as we are self hosting 

None of that matters today however, due to the fact that dmd is now 
written in D. You have to already have a working D compiler to build it. 
Boot strapping allows us to get from a c++ version to the current D one. 
That is a key feature of the build.d file.

But in saying all this, you probably just want to use gdc. Its part of 
gcc, so if you have got gcc working, gdc shouldn't be too big of a 
stretch to add to your list.

Once you have the compiler building, then its just a matter of getting 
the runtime + standard library working with musl if its not already.

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