New to D. First impression not good.

max haughton maxhaton at
Thu Dec 23 18:26:07 UTC 2021

On Thursday, 23 December 2021 at 18:06:35 UTC, D.B. wrote:
> Let me just say first of all this post is not meant to be 
> provocative, and also, I haven't even got a chance to use the 
> language yet. That's what's so frustrating. It seems like a 
> good, well designed language, but frankly the 
> install/bootstrapping process is not well designed. I'm 
> frustrated and want to vent right now before going further. 
> Actually, I'd rather to see these problems fixed before 
> proceeding. Show me that you really care about doing things 
> Right.
> [...]

Did you ask for help during this process? If not, did you use the 
automatic bootstrapping flag in build process. Which zip file are 
you actually referring to. People bootstrap D on relatively wacky 
platforms fairly regularly so if you didn't ask for help you 
should ask now.

Also you ask for longer documentation - there are several books 
about D, did you try them? If not then there's what you're 
looking for. Ali Cehreli wrote a book teaching D from scratch, 
it's very good.

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