Proof of concept for v2 - NO duplication, NO `static if` hell, NO difficulty with interoperability

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> On Monday, 1 November 2021 at 03:34:46 UTC, zjh wrote:
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> > Manu's `...` proposal is very convenient.
> That DIP hasn't been accepted or rejected because it is stalled
> waiting for Manu. I will most likely be marking it as "Abandoned"
> in the near future.

I reached ~95% confidence it would be rejected; Walter passed a confident
pre-judgment and started doing his own thing.
I did not know how to change that, so it seemed pointless to keep beating
on it.
I don't remember what was outstanding with it now, but I remember thinking
it's fairly trivial; a couple of sentences in the DIP that people didn't
like or thought could be clearer. The implementation is large-ish (has to
deal with a lot of different nodes), but it is nicely self-contained and
works well with just one or 2 incomplete edge cases.
I still think it should be in the language, but I'm out of energy to battle
for stuff. It's up to Walter... if he wants me to work on it, I could, but
he didn't like it and went with his own thing.
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