malloc and buffer overflow attacks

russhy russhy__ at
Fri Dec 31 21:58:14 UTC 2021

On Friday, 31 December 2021 at 21:37:56 UTC, russhy wrote:
> Allocators should be first class citizen anyways, malloc/free 
> should not be used directly, not only they are unsafe, they are 
> most of the time not what people need
> And i hope what will come out of `std.experimental.allocator` 
> won't be using classes..something light, value, extensible and 
> made with betterC in mind
> It should be the root of everything that comes out of D, not 
> something lightly thought
> A base to move forward and be future proof

Follow up, it's roten:

There are words, and facts, unfortunately..

According to DConf, Atila is working to get that mess out of 
experimental, hopefully he won't repeat same mistakes as Andrei, 
and step up to remove all of that crap that holds the language 

I can offer a hand if he wants to, i personally would hold them 
for a D3, if that effect happen, making a bigger impact is better 
than a few in an ocean full of mistakes

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