Walter knowingly, silently unfixed a bug

WebFreak001 at
Mon Jul 19 14:55:12 UTC 2021

On Monday, 19 July 2021 at 10:54:47 UTC, ag0aep6g wrote:
> [...]
> If I were unreasonably amicable, I might say that Walter simply 
> forgot to go back to Bugzilla and update the issue. But even 
> then he should have mentioned in the pull request that it 
> affects an older issue. And having dealt with Walter before, 
> I'm not willing to find excuses anymore. I'd sooner believe 
> that he snuck that change past Jacob with a force-push.
> [...]

in the last force push it seems the file was moved:

I haven't really thought about the content yet though, it might 
be that this could actually be a more correct behavior, which 
might be why Walter did this change.

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