SAOC LLDB D integration: 2nd Weekly Update

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Sun Oct 3 14:21:30 UTC 2021

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> > Hi D community!
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> > Sorry for being late this week.
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> > I'm here again, to describe what I've done during the second 
> > week of
> > Symmetry
> > Autumn of Code.
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> > [...]
> Awesome! I had looked at trying to implement this before, but 
> haven't really gotten further than seeing where to add the enum 
> entry. Great to see you tackle this, I think this is already 
> making LLDB the best D debugger on Linux.
> BTW I have made pretty printers for LLDB in the past 
> ( to print objects, 
> arrays, strings, etc. much better. If you want to implement 
> something like that, might be worth looking at that.

Thanks for your words and valuable resources! I already took a quick
look at it. This is my plan to implement on the second milestone. The
thing I'm kinda skeptical is some ABI assumptions that are currently
not standerdized, such as the associative arrays and the symbol name
exported on DWARF by DMD. Currently LDC uses fully qualified names for
array types (in fact, every symbol) but DMD uses
_Array_<primitive_type> or _Array_struct for custom agreggate types and
so on. I'm studying this and other similar stuff and push some more
standerization in that regard or, at least, consistency among the
existing compilers.

My idea is to at least support struct and strings pretty print. I can
trigger a discussion about standerdizing the AA's ABI. I'm also
searching if anything can be done to read vtables correctly, but I
don't know how that is handled by DWARF and don't have a full picture
of the ABI structure for that. Anyway, that is definitely something
tackle next.

Luís Ferreira @

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