SAOC LLDB D integration: 2nd Weekly Update

James Blachly james.blachly at
Fri Oct 1 18:02:23 UTC 2021

On 9/30/21 7:05 PM, Luís Ferreira wrote:
> ## What's next?
> For now, I'm going to proactively fix the requested changes in the LLVM
> patches. They seem to require smaller patches and probably the next
> week will
> be dedicated to that.


I think it's a little bit surprising and disappointing that they want 
such granular breakdown, but they required the same of the recent Rust 
demangler [0] as well, so at least they are applying their rule fairly 

There is also the licensing issue which raised their hackles and you'll 
have to deal with.

One potential strategy to sidestep the licensing issue AND to make the 
breakdown task much easier, is to abandon the libiberty code and 
literally take each of the Rust patches [1] and straight port (adding 
and subtracting cases as needed) for D demangling.

Rust Demangler:

Consecutive patch history:

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