My choice to pick Go over D ( and Rust ), mostly non-technical

russhy russhy at
Fri Oct 8 17:05:50 UTC 2021

And i wanted to add:

Supporting X or Y, or Z is useless if you don't have the culture 
and the taste for elegent softwares

Something that doesn't need magic to build, something that 
doesn't need decyphering code in order to debug it, and something 
that allows fast iteration tim so you don't waste your 
contributors time

Debugging DLS/SERVE-D is a PAIN IN THE ASS, waiting multiple 
double digit seconds on each code change HURTS iteration time, as 
a result the software doesn't improve and the quality of code 
drastically go downhill because changing / refactoring things 
becomes a PAIN and things die a slow death

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