[OT] What are D's values?

Paulo Pinto pjmlp at progtools.org
Sat Oct 9 07:13:38 UTC 2021

On Saturday, 9 October 2021 at 00:23:00 UTC, russhy wrote:
> Why do you guys compare D to C#, if there is one language you 
> should compare D is with
>  (actually 3) Go/Rust/Zig
> C# appeals to Java people, it's not a native system language, 
> it compiles to IL and requires a massive runtime
> The more you look at C#, the faster you'll miss the biggest 
> agendas of tomorrow, C# just like Java are slowing meeting with 
> the graveyard of old and irrelevant tech

So much disinformation.

Here the native code compilers for C#.






Running on production embedded hardware,


Apparently the majority of the games running in that Nintendo 
toy, that has broken all sale records, happen to use Unity in 
about 30% of their titles.


Another graveyard irrelevant technology that besides Nintendo, is 
the tier 1 for Sony, Google and Microsoft gaming systems and 
AR/VR platforms, alongside Unreal.

Looks pretty much alive to me.

D also compiles to LDC bitcode and GCC gimple, and has a runtime.

Should we also consider it not a systems language then?

Don't let the hatred and lack of knowledge for other stacks cloud 
your judgement.

It steers people away from D when false statements are being done 
about the ecosystems they know quite well, turning on their 
defences and thus stop listening on what D is actually supposed 
to be better on.

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