Forum group categories and pinned threads

frame frame86 at
Sat Oct 23 15:19:27 UTC 2021

I'm aware that this forum is linked to a news group/mailing list 
but for web appearance and usability, why there are no 
(sub)categories for forum groups used for web only?

I think that the learn group would benefit from some pre-defined 
categories. When I first came to this community I really wondered 
why there are none?

Also, there should be an option to pin a thread for such more or 
less common questions that are already answered (like this maybe) 
or some topics that "should be really mentioned in the manual". I 
usually cancel about page 6 if I couldn't find a likely captioned 
topic in the search.

This would also honor all the members that are eager to please 
with code examples, detailed instructions and so on.

- Categories are one time thing and can be rolled out and 
approved by the maintainers.

- Pinning a thread should be possible by simple voting for it 
(like the star feature in github, for example) if the community 
thinks that could be very informative to (new) users.

- If someone doesn't use the web forum it should be possible to 
vote via a keyworded message from their preferred client software.

- The pinned threads should be visible as small bar in each 
forum/category that can be expanded by interest.

- Searching for pinned threads only should be possible.

- The forum software should order pinned threads after creation 
time and access count and only load top topics at default with 
the possibility to show more

What do you think?

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