Worst ideas/features in programming

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at gmail.con
Wed Oct 27 01:05:22 UTC 2021

On Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 23:59:34 UTC, ClapTrap wrote:
> On Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 22:11:29 UTC, Ola Fosheim 
> Grøstad wrote:
>> On Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 21:44:33 UTC, ClapTrap wrote:
>>> You literally said there's no rational reason to choose "&&" 
>>> over "and" so those people who do so must be elitist 
>>> blowhards.
>> No. Stop making up stuff.
> "It us equally puzzeling why prople want "&&" instead of "and" 
> or "||" instead of "or". There is no rational explanation, I 
> think people like to feel that they are using something 
> advanced and that a syntax that that is associated with 
> advanced usage makes them feel more skilled? Kinda like fashion"

Yes, nothing about "elitist blowhard". Why are you obsessing over 
this point?

> Is that why you bought it? So you can feel cool?

What do you mean? Stihl and Husqvarna are technically comparable, 
but I prefer Husqvarna, which is nordic and looks and feels 
better. Basically an identity issue.

> I have a bunch of Stihl gear, a Kombi tool, couple of 
> chainsaws. I bought them simply because they are exceptionally 
> good are the job they are designed to do, and they are 
> extremely reliable.
> Fashion, or thinking how they tie into my ego, didn't factor 
> into the decision to buy them.

Nobody thinks about identity issues, but they are there for sure. 
How can you know that one tool is better than any other tool, or 
what is good enough? You dont know until it breaks. So you 
navigate by some external source.

You cannot learn all languages and make a rational choice, you 
have to make a choice based on some limited information. Or go 
with what you are used to or comfortable with (ties into 

> It's not hype plays into peoples ideas about themselves. It's 
> not "Learn Java and be cool", its "Write once run anywhere".

I dont agree. Programmers often put more emphasis on performance 
than is rational for the software they are going to write. That 
ties into identity. Same thing with cars, when people feel that 
they need a more powerful engine or faster car than you can make 
good use of in a city. People like to feel empowered beyond what 
they need. End users want the full edition of software even when 
the lite edition covers their needs and is less confusing to use. 
I would prefer the pro line Husqvarna saw even though the hobby 
saw works just as well, meaning I might pay double price for 
getting a heated handle that has a more sturdy feel. That makes 
me feel ready for professional work, which is a good feeling. 
What makes us feel empowered isnt entirely rational, but that 
feeling is something we seek.

I am fully aware that PhP is sufficient for webwork, but I don't 
feel empowered when using it. It does not feel like a 
professional tool, and that has a lot to do with syntax. From a 
rational point of view, you might argue that PhP is just as good 
as any other tool. But it does not fit with my identity.

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