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Thu Oct 28 11:03:35 UTC 2021

On Thursday, 28 October 2021 at 10:39:21 UTC, Ola Fosheim Grøstad 
> On Thursday, 28 October 2021 at 09:48:42 UTC, SealabJaster 
> wrote:
>> I really appreciate this vision, but from experience of 
>> lurking this forum, I can tell you that, particular the older 
>> programmers, won't see much worth in a lot of your suggestions 
>> regarding the compiler changes (assuming we'd ever even have 
>> the manpower to make it possible in the first place).
> Yes, there is a distance between those that still use emacs/vi 
> and those that expect AI-like visualized editing. And this 
> distance will only increase as editors become more 
> "intelligent" over time and require better static analysis from 
> tooling. The distance is increasing year by year, so it isn't 
> even about status quo, but where will you be in 10 years? If 
> there is a noticeable distance today, then there will be a huge 
> distance in 10 years.

I think this sort of ties into that discussion about fringe 
languages and polyglot programmers.

The less appealing to those exploring new languages, especially 
those that are mono-linguists or are only proficient in languages 
with good tooling, the less likely they are to come to D, no 
matter how much we gloat about the language.

Sure we might pick up a few old school C++ programmers, and maybe 
the odd curious Pythonista, but what access to we have to the 
newer generation(s) of programmers? a.k.a the future?

Even C has better autocomplete than D, which, granted, is due to 
its simplicity, but still it's technically easier for someone to 
get into a new C library than it is a D library because they have 
to scour source code/online documentation instead of being able 
to do the comfy thing and stay within their text editor/IDE.

I had an initial interview yesterday about a job (fingers 
crossed!) and I was like "ideally I'd use D everywhere, but it's 
not really going anywhere anytime soon, and it's ecosystem is 
complete garbage, so I'd probably use Go or C#".

This is the opposite direction we want things. We want others to 
come to us, not for us to go to others.

> Anyway, the compiler has hit an evolutionary wall. When the 
> language can no longer evolve because of internal compiler 
> structure then you need to change priorities; meaning design a 
> new architecture and restructure/rewrite compiler components 
> and freeze language changes.

I can't say too much since I haven't worked on the compiler 
enough, but it does seem similar to other complaints regarding a 
lack of compiler devs.

> It is difficult to get manpower without first projecting a 
> strong vision.


> Anyway, kudos to Robert for putting a lot of thought into his 
> post.

Agreed, it definitely seems like this was on his mind for a while 
to come out of nowhere with a post like that.

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