What kinds of Software do you create in D.

SealabJaster sealabjaster at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 12:22:32 UTC 2021

On Saturday, 30 October 2021 at 01:48:25 UTC, harakim wrote:
> I'm curious: Is there a poll somewhere that asks what kind of 
> software projects people write in D? If not, what does everyone 
> write using the D Language?

Lots of little useless libraries:

* JCLI (likely superseded by Andrey Zherikov's argparse): 

* A Lua 5.1 interface with minimal GC allocations: 

* A -betterC ansi library: https://github.com/BradleyChatha/jansi

* A Go Library that I might port to D: 

Many, many more that are too minor to mention or never even saw 
the light of day.

For applications:

* Most recently a coverage->HTML processor: 

* A cute little attempt at an assembler: 

* Another cute attempt at making a nicer shell for Windows: 

* A small game using Vulkan that I made 0 progress on, but 
eventually want to go back to: 

And again, many more minor things. And **plenty** of things that 
never made it to Github.

Some wacky things I want to experiment with, probably using D:

* A D-native scripting language, using the MIR library 

* Some weird idea for a file format, where the format embeds a 
script/bytecode which is responsible for actually transforming 
data from it's initial format and the stored file format, and 

* My brain still keeps trying to come up with an interesting 
build system, but constantly fails >x3

So in general, just a bunch of random, mostly experimental 
things. From other's anecdotes, they've found that D is the 
perfect language for prototyping because going from a prototype 
into a production codebase is apparently very smooth.

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