What kinds of Software do you create in D.

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Sun Oct 31 06:28:37 UTC 2021

On Saturday, 30 October 2021 at 18:57:30 UTC, thedeemon wrote:
> On Saturday, 30 October 2021 at 01:48:25 UTC, harakim wrote:
>> I'm curious: Is there a poll somewhere that asks what kind of 
>> software projects people write in D? If not, what does 
>> everyone write using the D Language?
> I wrote this video processing GUI app in D using DlangUI:
> http://www.infognition.com/VideoEnhancer/
> And a photo processing app I still use regularly:
> http://www.infognition.com/blogsort/
> And a disk space visualizer:
> http://www.infognition.com/undup/
> The last two were created in D using DFL. Made for Windows but 
> work well in Wine.

really cool stuff written in D. You even used DlangUI. While 
developing did you have any issues like outdated packages, lack 
of tools that are available only for others languages etc

> I guess I won't break any secrets if I say quite a few people 
> work for Symmetry now (me included) and one of our biggest 
> projects is an interpreter of an in-house programming language 
> (it was mentioned in some DConf'19 talks).

That's pretty nice. What do you think are the advantages of using 
D over others language to develop a interpreter? are there 
anything like "killer feature" that made you use D instead of 
something else?

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