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Mike Parker aldacron at
Tue Jan 18 08:42:17 UTC 2022

On Monday, 17 January 2022 at 23:42:50 UTC, forkit wrote:

> But to have bugs sit their for 7 years, not discussed, not 
> addressed in any way.. then.. from where does one get the 
> motivation to file a new bug?

Razvan Nitu was hired as a PR/Issue manager last year precisely 
to bring some method to our bug fixing madness. Prior to that, 
bugs were fixed by anyone who took an interest in them. If no one 
did, they didn't get fixed.

In the year+ since he took on the role, Razvan has assembled 
strike teams for the major repositories. Together, they have 
trimmed the PR queues and begun to make a dent on the Bugzilla 

There are still old issues there, yes, and many of them will 
still remain there for quite a while longer. It takes time to go 
through such a big backlog. But new issues have a better chance 
of getting fixed sooner now.  The second PR/Issue manager 
position is being filled soon, which will bring another pair of 
paid eyes and hands to bear on Bugzilla.

That said, some issues will still linger because there isn't an 
obvious way to fix them, or they're judged a lower priority, or 
for whatever reason. They may be forgotten. Posting about a 
specific issue here in the forums is one way to do bring 
attention to it. Another is to tweet about it with the #dlang 
hashtag. Anytime I see something like that, I email Razvan about 
it to see if he can do something about it or find someone who 
can. Usually, they get closed in a few days.

My point: issues that aren't reported aren't fixed, and those 
that are reported have a better chance of getting fixed sooner 
these days than they used to.

I've never believed that "it might stay there for 7 years" is a 
valid reason to avoid reporting a bug, but it's even less so now.

Please report your issues. And if they aren't fixed in a 
reasonable amount of time, shout about them to bring attention to 
them. Even with the increase in manpower Symmetry's sponsorship 
has brought us, D is still a community effort. Reporting an 
issue, then reminding people it's there, is one of the simplest 
ways to contribute to that effort.

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