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Mike Parker aldacron at
Wed Jan 19 03:11:26 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, 18 January 2022 at 09:52:43 UTC, forkit wrote:

> Well it's not that it 'might' stay there for 7 years, it's that 
> it 'has' stayed there for 7 years:
> I'd just be reporting the same thing... so not much point.

I thought you were talking about a new issue. In this case, you 
can add to the existing issue by leaving a comment about your use 
case. And then you can bring more attention to it by posting a 
link in the forums, as you now have done. And now H. S. Teoh has 
sumbitted a few PRs to fix it, most of which have already been 
merged. I've also emailed Razvan about it to make sure it's on 
his radar.

> My real point, is that -profile=gc seems like such a useful 
> could it not get anyones attention, after 7 years??
> I presume nobody uses it, because they know about this issue ??

Who knows? Maybe people have used it and didn't notice or 
encounter the problem, or maybe people really aren't using it. Or 
maybe people encountered it and just did nothing about it. It 
doesn't matter, really. What matters is that circumstances have 
led to the issue remaining open for 7 years and you have now 
encountered it. So in that situation the choice is to do nothing, 
in which case it remains unfixed longer, or do something, in 
which case it may well get fixed.

Happily, you've done something (brought attention to it) and it 
is being fixed. Thanks :-)

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