[dmd-beta] Mo' Beta: dmd 1.067 and 2.052 beta

Brad Roberts braddr at puremagic.com
Sun Feb 13 23:59:38 PST 2011

On 2/13/2011 10:44 PM, Walter Bright wrote:
> more disastrous 64 bit bugs fixed
> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd1beta.zip
> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd2beta.zip

Having the change log off in another package is awfully inconvenient.  I renew my suggestion to have change logs per
package that the doc building process merges together.  Here's my set of fixed bugs that I haven't added yet:

    bug 5319: add Solaris as a pthread based monitor user
    bug 5483: Add x86-64 version of mcontext_t for FreeBSD
    incorporate patch from bug 5495: Compile Error(FreeBSD): undefined identifier CLOCK_MONOTONIC

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