[dmd-beta] Mo' Beta: dmd 1.067 and 2.052 beta

Don Clugston dclugston at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 14 00:53:44 PST 2011

On 14 February 2011 08:59, Brad Roberts <braddr at puremagic.com> wrote:
> On 2/13/2011 10:44 PM, Walter Bright wrote:
>> more disastrous 64 bit bugs fixed
>> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd1beta.zip
>> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd2beta.zip
> Having the change log off in another package is awfully inconvenient.  I renew my suggestion to have change logs per
> package that the doc building process merges together.

Agreed. I even think that most users want to view the fixed compiler
bugs in a different list from the fixed Phobos bugs (note that Phobos
bugs also apply to GDC), so I think the lists should just go in, one
after the other.
The druntime bugs are a bit less straightforward, since many of them
are closely tied to the compiler. But still, I don't think it needs to
be complicated.

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