[dmd-internals] Automatic Pull Merging!

Leandro Lucarella luca at llucax.com.ar
Fri Nov 15 06:17:21 PST 2013

Brad Roberts, el 15 de November a las 00:17 me escribiste:
> I've just put the automated pull merging code into production and
> visible to everyone.  The rough details:
> 1) You have to be logged in and using https (should be automatic) --
> note the new login link in the upper left corner.  The website is
> now integrated with github's oauth system and will direct you over
> there to accept this login.  It requires write credentials because
> the merge operation is performed as the person who requests the
> merge.  This is subject to debate.  It's possible to switch to
> read-only credentials and have all merges done as me, with a merge
> comment noting who did the commit -- but I prefer it NOT be me but
> rather be you guys.

This is awersome!

What do you think about rebasing instead? I always hated GitHub for
using merge, and specially for using --no-ff option, it makes the
history unreadable as a graph (duplicating basically each bugfix

The auth issues are the same though, except for the fact that if you
don't rebase as the user that triggered the "merge", there is no way to
say somebody else did it. But honestly, the "committer" information is
so important to the point of completely screwing the repo history with
tons of noise?

Anyway, really nice job!

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