[dmd-internals] Automatic Pull Merging!

Jacob Carlborg doob at me.com
Fri Nov 15 09:02:17 PST 2013

On 15 nov 2013, at 15:17, Leandro Lucarella <luca at llucax.com.ar> wrote:

> This is awersome!
> What do you think about rebasing instead? I always hated GitHub for
> using merge, and specially for using --no-ff option, it makes the
> history unreadable as a graph (duplicating basically each bugfix
> commit).
> The auth issues are the same though, except for the fact that if you
> don't rebase as the user that triggered the "merge", there is no way to
> say somebody else did it. But honestly, the "committer" information is
> so important to the point of completely screwing the repo history with
> tons of noise?
> Anyway, really nice job!

I completely agree. The default should be a fast forward then there should be an option to select non fast forward next to the merge button.

/Jacob Carlborg

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