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I’m responding a bit late to this, but I see that you wrote:

 "Any pull requests that make breaking language changes must be approved by Walter and Andrei”

Doesn’t that apply for non-breaking language changes as well? Perhaps not trivial things like adding a new __traits but I would think it applies to most language changes.

/Jacob Carlborg

> On 2 jun 2015, at 01:06, Steven Schveighoffer via dmd-internals <dmd-internals at puremagic.com> wrote:
> http://wiki.dlang.org/Pull_Requests#Reviews <http://wiki.dlang.org/Pull_Requests#Reviews>
> A question came up on a PR as to what happens when someone reviews a PR.
> I looked and didn’t see the PR review process formalized, and so I wrote down what I thought is our current policy.
> Please view and update as appropriate, I’m sure I’m not the authority on this :)
> -Steve
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