[Greylist-users] Postfix greylisting capability Real Soon Now

Bob Apthorpe apthorpe at cynistar.net
Tue Jul 8 12:46:51 PDT 2003


>From the [postfix-users] list as of this morning:


"I won't be able to hack Postfix for a few days but here is what I
intend to add shortly.

- SMTPD policy delegation, where

    - The SMTP server sends a tuple with (client_address, client_name,
      helo_name, sender, recipient).

    - The SMTP server expects a reply that specifies an action.
      Initially the action will be (any valid SMTPD access map
      lookup result, defer_if_reject+text, defer_if_permit+text).

- A sample delegated SMTPD policy application in the form of a
  trivial greylist server.

The delegation protocol is simple enough that one could implement
their own delegated policy daemon in a PERL script."

No ETA for the changes but it's promising news nonetheless.

Bob Apthorpe

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