[Greylist-users] Milter error with latest CVS

Nathan A. Stratton nathan at robotics.net
Mon Jul 21 19:13:35 PDT 2003

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Evan Harris wrote:

> Are you sure you have the right entry?  If it says skipping checks, you
> should not be getting the tempfail.  As a matter of fact, the "IN EOM
> CALLBACK" tells me that this mail was successfully passed (unless you have
> another later milter that blocked it), because if we were blocking it, we
> would have seen the ABORT callback instead.

Yep, I just dropped the database and tried it again:

=== 2003-07-21 18:06:36 ===
Stored Sender: <nathan at robotics.net>
Passed Recipient: <nathan at robotics.com>
  Relay: cyber.robotics.net [] - If_Addr:
  RelayIP: - RelayName: cyber.robotics.net - RelayIdent:  -
PossiblyForged: 0
  From: nathan - To: nathan at robotics.com
  InMailer: local - OutMailer: esmtp - QueueID: h6LM6a9d021154
  Mail delivery is sent from a local interface.  Skipping checks.
  Reverse tracking row successfully inserted for the recipient of this
mail.  rowid: 1
  IN EOM CALLBACK - PrivData: 0<nathan at robotics.net><nathan at robotics.com>

Jul 21 18:06:36 Barney sendmail[21154]: h6LM6a9d021154:
from=<nathan at robotics.net>, size=338, class=0, nrcpts=1,
msgid=<Pine.LNX.4.50.0307211806320.21153-100000 at Barney.robotics.net>,
proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=cyber.robotics.net []
Jul 21 18:06:36 Barney sendmail[21154]: h6LM6a9d021154: Milter: data,
reject=451 4.7.1 Please try again later (TEMPFAIL)

As you can see the relaydelay log and /var/log/maillog both have the same
timestamp. It's interesting that I don't see a blocked or passed in when I
check the db.

num     net     mail_from       rcpt_to
0       NULL    <nathan at robotics.com>   <nathan at robotics.net>
mails   relay_ip        blocked passed
1       NULL    0       0

> If you are running from the current cvs code, you don't need a whitelist
> entry for your own IP and loopback, unless there are other hosts accepting
> mail from you using the same db.  0.02 and earlier versions did though.

Cool, for the above test I did a drop then started with a fresh db.

> Since I no longer have a 3.x mysql server setup, can't really help you there
> without playing with it.  Maybe someone else can.

Got ya, I will upgrade. :)

> No.  Milters are additive.  If any milter or sendmail rule would block the
> mail, it gets blocked.  Using relaydelay.pl will not make other parts accept
> the mail when they normally wouldn't.

Any way to change that? I would love sendmail to use the relaydelay
whitelist if possible even if it is dns blacklisted.


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