[Greylist-users] stats from big sites?

Brian Grossman brian at SoftHome.net
Mon Nov 3 12:32:00 PST 2003

> Thanks for the data, Brian.  That's big....  Any performance reasons
> for python and qmail, or just your (site's) preference?

Just to fit our existing infrastructure.  The authentication server is in
python.  A C shim in qmail talks to the python.  Our system has evolved in
partial isolation over the past 8 years.

> Um, wow.  Several hundred a day?  That's scary.  Is this because
> greylisting is only moderately effective in your case, or because you
> would be getting ten thousand spam messages without it?

Many of those are forwarded from a whitelisted mail server and similar
backdoors.  On 10/22, spamassassin caught 211 and I manually caught 18.  It
was worse before greylist.  It was better with osirusoft+greylist, for the
few days that combination existed.

> deployment.  Any performance problems since you switched to innodb?

Innodb scales reasonably well.

> I had figured on recommending a separate database stored on each server.
> But given the size and performance load you're describing, I wonder if a
> separate shared database server might not be a better idea.

I'm doing about 200 queries/second for greylist activity.  My bottleneck
is disk I/O.

> But it might be good to get another implementation onto Evan's web site.

True.  It won't fit into non-softhome systems without a bit of work, but
it's available for the asking.


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