[Greylist-users] greylisting implementation

chris at chrisbaker.net chris at chrisbaker.net
Thu Apr 1 13:53:05 PST 2004

> I think I see the signs of a religious war here. Lots of people use sendmail
> (including me) and are reasonably happy.

It seems like just about everything in the Linux world disintegrates into 
something like a religious war. It certainly happens when people are 
discussing anti-spam methods--along with distribution debates and the 
never argument over VI and Emacs. The problem is that these types of 
debates don't really help anyone make a decision over which way to 

One thing that can be said for Sendmail is the availability of books. I 
had to order a book on Exim from Britain. However, Sendmail books 
were ready to buy at Micro Center and Barnes and Noble.

I also noticed that a SuSE box had a GUI interface for Sendmail, but 
nothing could be found for Exim.

> There are also claimed differences in performance but
> Sendmail works fine for many large sites.

It could be that one MTA may work better for a smaller site and another 
MTA may work better for a larger site. It's just like how some runners 
are great sprinters, and others are great at marathons.

I haven't worked with any MTA's to really say that one is better than 
another, but I just wanted to share what I have observed.


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