[Greylist-users] Greylisting is great but...

Paul Schwarz Paul.Schwarz at starktruss.com
Wed Dec 1 06:44:22 PST 2004

the delay time is starting to concern me.
I'm in a quandary here b/c greylisting is extremely effective right now at
stopping 80 of the spam and also 95 % of viruses.   I love it for that.  But
there are occasions were I sign up for a forum or similar and it can take
quite a while to get a response.   I get concerned that I might delay
someone's airline confirmation or make someone wait really long to download
a driver or look at an article that requires registration and confirmation
My delay is only set to 1 minute and I have waits setup for 7 days
Road Runner for example waits 1 hr on retries.   Seems like 1/2 of the
people we deal with use road runner SMTP servers.   1 hour is a long time
when you have a blueprint coming to you.   Of course to be fair I must say
that our great spam software white-lists all outgoing messages, so if you
reply to the delayed person they won't be delayed ever again.
Some newsletters wait sometime 1 day to resend things or don't resend.
If we were is a perfect world every email server would try every 30 minutes
and there wouldn't be too much of an issue.
My quandary is should I stop greylisting or live with the problems.   A hard
Paul Schwarz
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