[Greylist-users] Greylisting is great but...

Cami camis at mweb.co.za
Wed Dec 1 12:02:27 PST 2004

> Whitelisting known (to a human) MTAs is fine. But I think you need more 
> specificity than just the MTA if whitelisting is automatic, because of 
> the dynamic IP address problem.

Not as much as you might think. I didn't mention that MTA's/IP's that
are automatically whitelisted have an expiry time. Statically whitelisted
ips/hosts/netblocks dont expire.

> I agree that whitelisting a sender domain on its own, without the MTA 
> address, would not be a wise idea.
> By the way, I'm still curious about what you (in your current 
> implementation) set X to, and how you arrived at that value.

1000 successfull triplets get hosts automatically whitelisted
for N days. That value is all dependant on the size of the
site you admin. Small sites will go for about 10 -> 50..


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