[Greylist-users] Solution or Surrender

Christopher Baker chris at chrisbaker.net
Wed Feb 25 04:47:31 PST 2004

> I wouldn't call that the solution. Thats surrender. Email is useful as a 
> means of communication. When you stop publishing your email address to reduce 
> spam, you also stop unknown people from emailing you. At that point, why not 
> stop 100% of the spam by just deleting the email account entirely?
> I hate it when I spend 30 mintues looking for a contact email address at some 
> company and realize there is no way to contact them by email.


I certainly agree with the spirit of your post. Maybe I wasn't as clear
as I should have been. All of the e-mail addresses at my employer are on
the web site in clear HTML. They are easily picked up by harvest-bots.

All one has to do is encode the address in a mailto link using
Javascript. On <chrisbaker.net>, I have a mailto link. Once you click
the link or move your mouse over the link, you can get my e-mail address.
Other webmasters will make a slight change when putting addresses, such
as <user(at)domain.com>. A human being will understand, but a
harvest-bot won't.

I don't like the on-line forms either. You can publish your e-mail
address without making it easily harvestable.


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