[Greylist-users] How do you know when you are ready?

Morris Maynard morris at maynidea.com
Thu Feb 26 05:25:02 PST 2004

Martin, thanks so much for the patch. It is working well for me in 3
different network setups (All RedHat, versions 8.0 and 9.0). I really like
the ability to restart the milter after a config change, and the logfile has
made tuning the configuration much easier.
I'll add explicit credit to you for it on my howto page. I found the patch
via a Google search, but when I repeated the search whilst writing the howto
page, all I found was the link to the .bin file and not to the original
I am trying to do a howto page now whenever I have to spend an extra day or
two implementing something because of differences in my "vanilla" systems
from what the originators were targeting. At least partly for my own
reference, for when the inevitable upgrade or re-installation is needed.
Since I am managing networks for several separate organizations, I pretty
much insist on RPM-based installations so I don't go crazy trying to manage
dependencies. I generally avoid the risk of "early-adopting" something like
relaydelay, but since it's been out since at least since August of last year
and seemed like a great idea, I decided to give it a try. Your patches seem
to make the package more independent of other things and, as I have said,
improve the tuning experience. Thanks once again.

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Hi all,

I wrote the patch Morris is referring to (the original post is at
ml), but this is the first time I've become aware anyone else is using it.

Anyway, I'm still interested in whether anyone has figured out the answer
'4', i.e. why I could only get SIGQUIT to work, not the seemingly more
sensible SIGTERM or SIGHUP. I didn't get an answer then, so I'm not really
expecting one now, but here's hoping someone has indeed had an insight
then. :-)


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