[Greylist-users] I need graylisting stats

Scott Nelson scott at spamwolf.com
Sun Jul 11 10:50:35 PDT 2004

At 12:14 PM 7/9/04 -0400, chris at chrisbaker.net wrote:
>Some half-wit sales people were in our office today trying to sell 
>someone on anti-spam solution. We have been using graylisting here 
>for about three months, and it has been outstanding.
>Unfortunately, I don't have any real statistics. How do I get statistics? I 
>certainly don't want these bozoes touching our e-mail system, because 
>I know some of the half-wits who work for this company from past jobs.

It's been a while, but I did take some statistics.

After turning on greylisting, the amount of spam received was reduced by 85%.
The number of blocked spams is about %95 however, because once you start
blocking, some spammers try harder.

Honesty may be good science but it's not good marketing, so I'd say
"Greylisting blocks over 95% of spam".  
I have numbers to back that up, which I'd be happy to provide on request.

I bet I can offer a superiour service to them for 1/2 the price,
 if it looks like they're making the sale, ask the decision maker if he's
 done any comparison shopping.

BTW - I recently repeated the experiment with a much smaller sample, 
and was rather surprised to see that greylisting /still/ blocks about 95%, 
with a total reduction of about 85%.
Even after several months, most spammers haven't adapted to greylisting.

Scott Nelson <scott at spamwolf.com>

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