[Greylist-users] Do I have to compile Exim?

martin dempsey mjd at digitaleveryware.com
Tue Mar 2 09:55:29 PST 2004

> Do I have to compile Exim to get graylisting to work with Exim?

Almost. There is a modified version of Exim that has a "plug-in" 
architecture. With that, you can add/change things like greylisting without 
recompiling exim. (Of course, you might have to recompile Exim so you have 
the modified version with plug in support)

There is also a way to use exim's built in perl interpreter to do 
greylisting. However, while the perl interpreter is a part of standard exim, 
it is a compile time option and most precompiled versions don't seem to 
include it. In that case you would have to compile Exim to add the perl 

Other than that, you have to compile exim. However, there are some advantages 
to doing that. Exim usually runs out by the inetd, so startup time matters. 
The "C" version of greylisting is very fast and efficent at start up and run 

Email me directly, off the list, about what settings and compile options you 
want, and perhaps I'll build one for you and put some precompiled ones up on 
the website.


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