[Greylist-users] Working with PopRelayd

Evan Harris eharris at puremagic.com
Sat Mar 6 10:07:00 PST 2004

On Sat, 6 Mar 2004, Albert Whale wrote:

> Ok, I can see real benefit for SMTP Auth, unfortunately, I have to deal
> with people that are computer illiterate.  Therefore, while I will
> probably implement SMTP Auth for better security, I will need to
> implement a check for Authenticated logins as well.  This will implement

I had hoped someone who was using poprelayd would submit a patch to
integrate this.  I use SMTP AUTH in all the servers I control, so don't
really have a way to test it.  If someone does develop a working patch that
checks the poprelay db directly (no system calls), I will integrate it.

Unfortunately, poprelay is a hack and AUTH is a much cleaner solution.

AUTH is really not that hard for the client, it really doesn't require much
more than setting up the email account in the first place.  If they are
using Outlook or OE or the likes, all they should have to do is:

# Highlight your mail account by clicking on it
# Click on Properties
# Select Servers
# Enable the check box for My server requires SMTP authentication and enter
your Account Name as username and password in the settings section

Depending on the number of users and their general level of expertise, it
may not be so bad to just send an announcement with instructions for
commonly used clients and give them some time to update their config.  Then
cutover and deal with the holdouts/ignorers on a case by case basis.


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