[Greylist-users] Working with PopRelayd

Albert Whale aewhale at ABS-CompTech.com
Sun Mar 7 07:49:50 PST 2004

Evan Harris wrote:

>On Sat, 6 Mar 2004, Albert Whale wrote:
>>Ok, I can see real benefit for SMTP Auth, unfortunately, I have to deal
>>with people that are computer illiterate.  Therefore, while I will
>>probably implement SMTP Auth for better security, I will need to
>>implement a check for Authenticated logins as well.  This will implement
>I had hoped someone who was using poprelayd would submit a patch to
>integrate this.  I use SMTP AUTH in all the servers I control, so don't
>really have a way to test it.  If someone does develop a working patch that
>checks the poprelay db directly (no system calls), I will integrate it.
I would be interested in attempting this.  I'll let you know what I come 

>Unfortunately, poprelay is a hack and AUTH is a much cleaner solution.
The Issues I am dealing with for Authenticating users go beyond 
GreyListing.  My configuration also includes customized installations of 
other MILTERs (such as MIMEDefang).  So with an Anti-Relaying 
configuration, GreyListing, Milter checks ..... SMTP Auth appears to be 
an Easy implementation, at least for the Clients.  But not necessarily 
for the Server Configuration.  At least not in what I am seeing.  
Perhaps I am missing something Simple?

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