[Greylist-users] Re: Identifying ill configured relays from expired records

Allan E. Johannesen aej at WPI.EDU
Sun May 2 09:24:37 PDT 2004

>>>>> "pckizer" == Philip Kizer <pckizer at nostrum.com> writes:

pckizer> Would you mind sharing this list that you've collected?  We're just
pckizer> finally getting into deployment on my larger mail site and that would
pckizer> be helpful in our kick-start...(me and my dozen users obviously had no
pckizer> problem identifying the sites needed for whitelisting on my personal
pckizer> domain, and all of those were already submitted back to Evan last
pckizer> summer and are already in the docs).

I tried greylisting last year and gave up with what I viewed as an
insurmountable problem of identifying the worldwide bogus smtp generators.

A local cable company retries once a day, with the same message out of a
different server each time (maybe not, or course, maybe it can randomly
actually be the same server).  Various daily mailing lists appeared to use
"spam"-like software to send it.  One place tried 3 times in rapid succession,
then would do the same the next day with the next days news.  I phoned them up
and couldn't find anyone who knew anything about how it's actually sent.

Yahoo has the obvious problem of the same sender/receiver being out of
potentially different servers every time.

Who is going to list the world's contents of problem sites and keep it up to
date?  It's beyond my capacity.  Even with distributed volunteers who might
take that on, how would we know a "volunteer" wasn't a spammer?

I like the concept, but it was denying my site genuinely desired email.  It
sure did cut down on spam.

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